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Okay, this is a tough one. I have been a Hollows fan since the first book appeared in German (about book 5 in English) and this world has grown on me ever since (and unwillingly also on my family and friends who have to hear me babbling about it every chance I get, just last week I lent DWW to someone!).

When Kim announced that she was writing on a world book, I thought it would become something like Jeaniene Frost and others are doing, by writing a novel from the perspective of one of the side characters (Ivy, Kisten, Jenks?). But instead, we got a big, shiny, glowing- in- the- dark almanach of the Hollows.This is not a Hollows World Book, but a Hollows' World Book!

This guide contains maps, paper articles from the Hollows Gazette (for which readers could enter pictures, so they would appear in a book by their favorite author - how freaking cool is that?!), background information on all the species roaming the world since the Turn, background information on almost all characters, and so much more.

But it wouldn't be Kim if she just served us a boring encyclopedia. No, she wrapped a story around the whole thing! Does everyone remember that time when Rachel was forbidden to go by bus because she had accidentally dropped a charm that made every passenger's hair fall off? One of those people was Devin Crossman, blogger and columnist at the Gazette. He now wants justice and spies on Rachel, finds out everything about her friends, family and history. But he gets into trouble when his editor is unhappy with his findings and Quen has to stop him from harming Rachel.


There is actually not that much new information concerning storyline but getting the details and all the new background information is just stunning. It is fascinating to realize just how much Trent is doing to protect Rachel from any possible harm and getting to know all of Jenks' curses (and kids) is a *squee* moment for every fan. Someone like me, who has been stalking her page (and her blog) on a daily basis, will recognize all the extra bits and bobs Kim put up there years ago that now have a new home where everyone can get to know them (some of them I also put up here). Kim also included many questions fans always ask her, like how an "After Hour Runner's Pass" or a MPL looks like or how the Maple Candy recipe works. Not to forget lots of Rachel's spells, Ivy's recipe for Brimstone cookies (!), Al's demon curses and Takata's lyrics (I think "Footprints of a Ghost" would work fantastic with Amy Lee as vampire vocals).


And, as I already mentioned, the cover of the first edition GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! How awesome is that! Now go and get it, what are you doing here?


PS: Burning Bunny coffee, he? ;)




Die deutsche Version ist leider "nur" ein Softcover und in schwarz/weiß gedruckt.


~ Lilith ~

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    Vampyre (Donnerstag, 10 November 2011 18:40)


    Very good review. I love my copy of the Insider as well.


  • #2

    SiSi (Donnerstag, 10 November 2011 18:46)

    Great review! And I agree with you 100%

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