Jonathan Strahan (Hrsg.) ~ The Book of Witches

Dieses Buch war in der Locked-Library-Box von Oktober 2023 (Unboxing hier) in einer wunderschönen Sonderausgabe. Jetzt wird es Zeit, den Inhalt näher zu begutachten.


Jonathan Strahan: What is a Witch? 

Einleitung zum Thema. Wicca werden auch erwähnt, finden aber hier natürlich keine Anwendung. 


Linda Addison: Seed of Power

Schönes Gedicht mit toller Illustration. 


P Djeli Clark: What I remember of Oresha Moon Dragon Devshrata


Kathleen Jennings: Catechism for those who would find Witches 


Tade Thompson: The Luck Thief 

Ken Liu: Good Spells  

Darcie Little Badger: The Liar 

Andrea Hairston: Escape Artists 

Alaya Dawn Johnson: The Witch is not the Monster 

Cassandra Khaw: Met Swallow 


Tobi Ogundiran: The Nine Jars of Nukulu 

Kelly Robson: In a Cabin, in a Wood 



C.L. Clark: What Dreams may come 

Millie Ho: She who makes the Rain 

Indrapramit Das: As wayward Sisters, Hand in Hand 

Saad Z. Hossain: Orphanage of the last Breath 

Garth Nix: The unexpected Excursion of the Murder Mystery Writing Witches 

Premee Mohammed: So spake the Mirrorwitch 

Maureen McHugh: Just a Nudge 

Andrea Stewart: Her ravenous Waters 

Tochi Onyebuchi: Déjà Vue 


Sheree Renée Thomas: Botanica 

Angela Slatter: Through the Woods, due West 

Fonda Lee: Nameless here for evermore 

Sheree Renée Thomas: Mask of the Nautilus 

Usman T. Malik: Night Riding 

E. Lily Yu: Witchfires 

Miyuki Jane Pinckard: The Academy of Oracular Magic 

Emily Y. Teng: The Cost of doing Business 

Amal El Mohtar: John Hollowback and the Witch 


—and contains illustrations from three-time Hugo award-nominated artist Alyssa Winans throughout.

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