Fairy Tales Retold

1. Sisters Red ♠♠♠♠

Same book - different cover!


Sisters Red is about the two sisters Rosie and Scarlett who barely survived a wolf attack at a young age. They lost their grandmother that day and have fought the wolves since then. One day, their childhood friend Silas returns into the small town and turns the sisters' lives upside down.

They go hunting in Atlanta and discover that all wolves are on the lookout for a potential new wolf. The sisters want to use him as bait to destroy as many wolves as they can. But searching is easier than finding and when you have nothing to do, a man and a woman can get strange ideas...


Sisters Red has one of the most awesome covers I have ever seen. The way the girls and the wolf melt into each other and the eyes on the back cover and the shade of red and its shinyness, just awesome.

Aside from that, it's also much better than Jackson's first book. Maybe it was too forseeable for me (this one was also but it had more suspense). Sisters Red is very exciting, every few pages a wolf pops up and the sisters have to fight for their lives. The lovestory is very cute, and I think the moment when Scarlett turns her anger from Silas to the wolves shows the real lovestory in this book.

I couldn't put it down and in the end, I wished I had had a sister with whom I could've shared such a love and passion for each other.


Now, on to Sweetly! The German version comes out in September 2011 by Pan Verlag!


~ Lilith ~


PS: The voice in the video belongs to Jackson herself!

2. Sweetly ♠♠♠♠

Same book - different cover!


So, as already mentioned, Sweetly is a retelling of Grimm's fairytale Hansel and Gretel. But - just like Sisters Red - packed with fenris / werewolves. The main characters are the siblings Ansel and Gretchen, whose sister was taken by a witch at a young age and after that their parents died of grief. After their stepmother throws them out, they take the car to go to the shore. On their way, the car crashes down near the small town of Live Oak. They find shelter in the house of Sophia Kelly, the local candiemaker.

While Ansel starts falling in love with Sophia, Gretchen turns to local outcast Samuel Reynolds, who shows her that the witch who took her sister was a fenris and teaches her how to shoot them.

But Sophia has a dark secret and Gretchen has to find out what haunts the kind woman...


I just finished reading and wow, that was ... thrilling! My mother wasn't allowed to talk to me for the last hour and I forgot to drink something all day. The cover art, again, is totally stunning. The first half of the book is quite funny, at least as funny as a story about two cast-out-run-away-siblings can be. The second half, when Gretchen starts to practice shooting, gets really suspense-packed. The end is haunting and as evil the fenris are, the things a human mind can endure are stunning. (I recommend watching Torchwood episode "Countrycide".)



Sooo... Samuel Reynolds, huh? Will we get to meet another one of the brothers in Fathomless? Should be fun if everything comes together in the end. Something like, in the final book, when Jackson has run out of fairy tales (and brothers) all of them come back to Ellison for one last big battle?


Laugh of the day:

"The first stoplight we see is simply flashing yellow, and Jed coasts through it."

For further laugh, please watch this...


~  Lilith ~

3. Fathomless

Fathomless is the Retelling of the Hans-Christian Andersen Story of the Little Mermaid

4. Cold Spell

Cold Spell is the Retelling of the Hans-Christian Andersen Story of the Snow Queen

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