Lauren Kate - Fallen ♠♠♠

Delacorte, 2009


Fallen is a novel about a girl being drawn between two boys. No, wait, that sounds lame. Okay. Teenager Lucinda, called Luce, comes to a new school after a tragic accident with which she had almost nothing to do. She instantly finds crazy new friends and gets to know Cam - who is really nice and kind to her - and Daniel - who either pushes her away or is also really nice to her. And unfortunately, that's basically it. The whole story revolves around Luce, trying to figure out and falling for Daniel while being drawn to Cam.

Nonetheless, it was a good read which I could hardly put down. The mysteries that all of them have are sometimes quite confusing, but it worked out in the end. The only thing I didn't like was the twist at the end to hint at the next book in the series. And only after I finished I realized that this book is only about Luce between Cam and Daniel.


von Lilith

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