Allison Pang - A Brush of Darkness (Abby Sinclair 1) ♠♠♠

Abby Sinclair is a young woman whose career as a dancer was shattered when she had a car accident in which her mother died. Afterwards she moved to another city, where she meets Moira, owner of a book store and a Fae. Abby becomes her TouchStone and employee. But one day Moira vanishes for months without further explanation and when the incubus Brystion comes into the bookstore looking for his sister, things get wickedly complicated.

That she has a perverse unicorn named Phineas that likes to live in her undies drawer, is not helping at all...


A minus was that the author continuously miswrote the characters' names (e.g. Brysion). Kinda irritating, but ignorable if you don't read too closely.

Otherwise, the novel has everything urban and romance fantasy: a kick-ass heroine, a seductive male, a funny sidekick and a fast-pacing plot. Abbys first book is witty, funny as hell and a really quick read, because you can hardly stop. 


~ Lilith ~

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