Peri Reed Chronicles

1. The Drafter ♠♠♠♠

The future. Peri Reed is an agent for Opti, a government-based organisation. These agents (called Drafters) have a special ability: they can turn back time for a few seconds. There's just one catch: Drafters can't remember their drafts, only their anchor (partner) can help them rebuild the memories.

One day Peri hears of a list of corrupt Opti-agents and that she's on it. She can't believe it, she's of the opinion she's only done good. Furthermore, an alliance member (antagonists of Opti) called Silas contacts her and wants to help her. But Peri doesn't know anymore who she can trust. Chaos ensues.


Following my favorite Rachel-Morgan-series, Kim has created a new kick-ass heroine, tough as nails and independent, but one thing is significally different: where Rachel chose to go off on her own, Peri is actually alone. She doesn't know who she can trust and since Opti can alter memories, she sometimes doesn't know who she is anymore. Another big difference - caused by Peris' situation - is the absence of funny sidekicks like our beloved Jenks. Silas wants to help her, but she can't let anyone get close to her, she doesn't trust herself anymore.


"The Drafter" is fast-paced to the point where its almost breathtaking. The future is of course full of hightech gadgets, from glass phones to adjustable virtual mannequins. All advancements are plausible and sometimes terrifying.


Yes, Peri is no Rachel. Yes, it's Sci-Fi, not Fantasy. But you have to give her a chance, it's really worth the trouble getting to know this new world. And Peri's earned it after all the stress and emotional chaos Kim put her through ;)

Bonus: That's the weirdest love triangle ever, with a hallucination!


~ Lilith ~


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