Cat & Bones Series 5-7

5. This Side of the Grave - Dunkle Sehnsucht ♠♠♠♠



That's a book how I like it! After the drama in the last book and the missing sizzling energy of Cat and Bones in the World Books, TSOTG is exactly what I've been waiting for.

This time, the two and their teams have to fight a ghoul leader who is as fanatic as Hitler and wants to kill Cat and rule over vampires.

Funny, witty, hilarious, everything we love about Cat and Bones is united in this new title. I had to grin like crazy all the time reading it and the best part: the next episode is due in September! yay!!


"Ask me if I sparkle and I'll kill you where you stand," Bones cut him off with utmost seriousness.


by Lilith

6. One Grave at a Time ♠♠♠♠

(OGAAT) Cat Crawfield part 6!


Cat und Bones haben diesmal eine besonders knifflige Mission: eine Freundin von Fabian, dem Geist, bittet sie um Hilfe: Heinrich Kramer, Autor des "Hexenhammers" und passionierter Frauenhasser, verbrennt selbst als Geist noch jedes Halloween drei Frauen.

Unsere beiden Lieblingshelden wollen gerne helfen, doch noch so viel untote Macht nutzt einem nichts, wenn der Feind durchscheinend und unverwundbar ist...


Dieser fulminante neue Band hat es mir aus persönlichen Gründen sehr angetan. Die Jagd auf das Frauenhassende, "Hexen"mördernde A*loch ist wie immer spannend und hat trotzdem genug humorige Elemente, vor allem da sich Cat natürlich durch nichts unterkriegen lässt. Seltsamerweise erschien es mir etwas langsamer gestrickt als bisher, denn da ich sonst die Bücher in einem verschlinge, konnte ich dieses mehrmals weglegen und den Lesegenuss verzögern.


Ich freue mich jedenfalls auf eine Weihnachtsgeschichte (kommt im November 2011) und Vlad's eigene Serie nächstes Jahr.


~ Lilith ~

7. Up from the Grave ♠♠♠♠

ATTENTION! Due to a change in pace, this will be the last Cat & Bones novel!!! :'(

First glimpses on Jeaniene's website


It. is. awesome! Funny and fast-paced as usual, this time Cat & Bones have to discover a gruesome secret of Cat's former employer: Madigan the Despised tried to create a ghoul/vampire/human who would foster another war between the species. But who is his secret backer with contacts to the government?

Cat, Bones & friends have to stop Madigan, kill the creation, save their friends from horrible experiments and prevent a war. Action!


I was really concerned how the books would end, if it would be cheesy or leave open ends or or or... but it's beautiful. The different plot twists keep you reading and the final conclusion is very satisfying for everyone. All lose ends are woven together into one. Finally, Cat & Bones can get a bit of peace. I do wish them all the best and look forward to read future novels by Jeaniene.


~ Lilith ~

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