Do Books Get Harmed: Serien / Series


In episode 7 River "corrects" the bible by marking it red and ripping out pages.



In season 9 some books in the bunk are stacked and damaged.


True Blood

In season 3 episode 9 Eric Northman kills someone by putting an old japanese scroll through his heart.



In the first few seasons many books get damaged during raids, but in later episodes they show how these old books were illustrated.


White Collar

In episode 1.3 a bible is used as shield against a shot.

In episode 3.2 an antique book is turned to dust.


Relic Hunter

Since Nigel reads a lot he is often surprised by muggers while reading and tends to fend them off by hitting them with his reading material.



In episode 5.9 Munro's uncle, who is a antiquarian bookseller in Leipzig, finds old Grimm-manuscripts. During a break-in at his shop, books are showered in glass.


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