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Da weder Sarabandi noch ich momentan dazu kommen, hier wirklich produktiv zu sein, wollte ich wenigstens ein kleines Update geben, was sich momentan in meinem Bücherregal tut.


Den aktuellen TBR Stapel findet ihr hier. Am Dienstag erreichte mich überraschend ein unbestelltes Rezensionsexemplar von Droemer Knaur, was mich überrascht und glücklich gemacht hat. Vielen Dank nochmal dafür.


Ich habe eine fast fertige Rezension zu "Aschamdon", ein wirklich wunderschönes Werk mit faszinierender Geschichte. Mir fehlen noch 100 Seiten, die irgendwie nicht weniger werden wollen, aber soweit steht sie.


Hier meine letzten Meinungen...

Jenny Lawson - Let's pretend this never happened


One of my favorite people of the internet, the infamous Bloggess, has finally finished her book of memoirs (after 11 years). And it is awesome. I wanted to write a long review, but it just blew my mind and I couldn't get one word onto the virtual paper. So, I'm telling you what happened. And I won't pretend it never happened ;)


I laughed. So much. About things you shouldn't laugh. Then I laughed until I cried and then cried again when she got pregnant and got Hailey. So basically, I cried a lot. But it was happy crying.

My mom took it from me and read it 3 times in a row, the last time accompanied by a Pschyrembel and a dictionary. Then she went and bought it for a friend. So...


"You should probably go buy it right now, because it’s filled with awesomeness.  And cocaine.  But only if you hollow it out and fill it with your own cocaine.  I’m not buying you cocaine.  Because I love you.

And that’s why you should buy my book.  Because I’m saving you from yourself.  And from cocaine.

YOU’RE WELCOME." (source)


Favorite quote: Good friends know where you hide your bodies. But only the best ones help you dig them out again...

Kim Harrison - Into the Woods


Finally, the big Harrison Anthology, containing all past and some new short stories by Kim. This is a big relief for fans in other countries, since this has a chance to be translated and the other shorts have mostly been restricted to the English language. So, here are the stories:




"The Bespelled", is a beautiful story about how Al seduced Ceri to come with him. Almost had me teary-eyed.


"Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel", about Rachel's time before she went to the IS, grants glimpses into her family and how she met Pierce.


"Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil", is about Ivy and how she met Mia, the banshee. Bonus: Kist.


"Dirty Magic" gives us insides of aforementioned banshee Mia. 


"The Bridges of Eden Park", a Kisten and Rachel short. Love it.


"Ley Line Drifter", a Bis & Jenks short, shows Jenks setting up his own pixie-related biz. And realizing how it feels to be Rachel. Cute!


"Million Dollar Baby", the story we have waited for, shows us finally how Trent and Jenks stole baby Lucy. So sweet.




"Pet Shop Boys": Cooper, pet shop keeper, has a curious evening with a shapeshifting mom and her daughter. 


"Tamson Estates", my favorite story in the collection, is a story about tree spirits, but has a very ... natural feel to it. I really liked the atmosphere and the descriptions of the woods and the spirits.


"Spider Silk" is about a grandmum going "nuts" because of a boy who she trapped in a tree once. Her daughter has to realize that her children are in great danger if she keeps denying.


"Grace", another strong woman hunting the streets, has to make a moral decision. She will probably be Kim's next project after the Hollows!

Okay, das war jetzt doch recht lang. Also, hier nochmal ausführlich mit allen Covern und Ursprüngen.

Kim Harrison - Blood Crime


Die zweite Hollows Graphic Novel, spielt nach der ersten Graphic Novel, aber immer noch vor dem ersten Roman.


Hat mich nicht so fasziniert wie der erste, ich kann euch auch leider nicht wirklich sagen, worum es geht. Also, Ivy und Rachel werden Opfer von Anschlägen. Während Rachel versucht, herauszufinden, wer es war, versucht Ivy herauszufinden, ob es Piscary war. Leicht verwirrend, aber wieder wunderschöne Zeichnungen.


Das Cover finde ich mit den Augen etwas gruselig. Aber wer mag schon Kuschelvampire ;)

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