Christmasy feelings from Kim and me

Christmas is only a teensy bit more than a week away and I am in a festive mood, thanks to Carl, my Yule tree. To get you into a festive (and funny) mood, too, I wanted to collect all Christmas-related extra texts that Kim Harrison has written over the years and shared with us.


As first - and most hilarious one - here are the twelve days of Jenks' pixie christmas. Careful, not for minors ;)


Secondly, because it is almost here, Kim's Hollows poem concerning The Night of the Solstice.


Today, she posted a short story from her cabinet of awesomeness, which made almost every reader cry. Heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time, "Angel's Song" is a must-read for every fan of Kim's work.


And finally, when Christmas (or any other waffle-worthy occasion) is here, Kim wrote down the recipe for Trent's waffles. yummy.


Thanks Kim, it really has been a great year with "Pale Demon", "The Hollows Insider", "Blood Work" and "Something deadly this way comes" and the fun interactions on your blog!


Happy festive season to all of you, thanks for stopping by!


~ Lilith ~

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